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What is your approach when filming a wedding?

Let the day be. 

I’m there to capture what happens, not construct a movie production where you walk out the same door twice. I will guide you into positioning that has better lighting or composition, but then I’ll let you be you!


What does a full ceremony edit include?

Some of my packages have options to add on a full ceremony edit. 

This is your whole ceremony as it happens, from beginning to end. 

This is the reason we are here! For you to make vows to each other for the rest of your lives, so it only makes sense to capture every moment!


How soon will I receive my wedding films?

As quick as I can edit them! The longest wait time is usually 3 months after your big day. 


Can we suggest a specific song or type of music for our highlight film?

Totally! However due to licensing we can’t use your favourite Ben Howard or Angus & Julia Stone song, however that’s a great place to start! I’ll capture your day with that vibe in mind and we’ll go from there.


Why should we book a videographer?

I don’t know about you, but my memory is never as good as I think it is.

In the moment I always think, “Of course I’ll remember every detail,”  but give it a couple of years it all starts to get a bit fuzzy. 

A wedding film is a way to time capsule your day, so you can watch 50 years down the track and remember all the small things, the big things and everything in between.


We want to book you, how do we proceed?

Once I've confirmed my availability I'll send through the booking details and contract. When the booking fee is paid and the contract signed - the date is all yours! 

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